The Current Status of Steven Avery’s Parents: Are They Still Alive?

The Current Status of Steven Avery’s Parents: Are They Still Alive?


Steven Avery, the subject of the popular Netflix documentary series “Making a Murderer,” has captured the attention of millions around the world. The series delves into Avery’s wrongful conviction for sexual assault and his subsequent exoneration, only to be convicted again for the murder of Teresa Halbach. Throughout the series, Avery’s parents, Allan and Dolores Avery, play a significant role in supporting their son. However, many viewers are left wondering about the current status of Steven Avery’s parents and whether they are still alive.

The Life of Allan and Dolores Avery

Allan and Dolores Avery were born and raised in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. They led a quiet life, working on their family-owned salvage yard. The couple had five children, including Steven Avery. Their lives took a dramatic turn when Steven was wrongfully convicted of sexual assault in 1985.

Steven’s Wrongful Conviction

In 1985, Steven Avery was wrongfully convicted of sexually assaulting Penny Beerntsen. He spent 18 years in prison before DNA evidence proved his innocence, leading to his release in 2003. Throughout this ordeal, Allan and Dolores Avery stood by their son, advocating for his innocence and fighting for justice.

The Murder of Teresa Halbach

In 2005, Steven Avery was once again at the center of a high-profile case. This time, he was accused of the murder of Teresa Halbach, a young photographer. The Netflix series “Making a Murderer” explores the events leading up to Avery’s conviction, raising questions about the fairness of the trial and the possibility of police misconduct.

The Current Status of Allan Avery

As of the latest available information, Allan Avery is still alive. Despite the challenges and hardships faced by his family, he continues to support his son and fight for justice. Allan has been vocal about his belief in Steven’s innocence and has been actively involved in advocating for his son’s release.

Advocacy Efforts

Allan Avery has been a prominent figure in the fight for justice for his son. He has appeared in numerous interviews and press conferences, sharing his perspective on the case and calling for a reexamination of the evidence. Allan’s unwavering support has garnered attention from supporters around the world, who believe in Steven’s innocence.

Impact on the Family

The ongoing legal battles and media attention surrounding Steven Avery’s case have undoubtedly taken a toll on the Avery family. Allan Avery, as the patriarch, has had to navigate the complexities of the justice system while also dealing with the emotional strain of having a son behind bars. Despite these challenges, the family remains united in their pursuit of truth and justice.

The Current Status of Dolores Avery

Similar to Allan Avery, Dolores Avery is also still alive. She has been a pillar of strength for her family throughout the trials and tribulations they have faced. Dolores has been a constant presence in the media, advocating for her son’s innocence and demanding a fair trial.

Supporting Steven

Dolores Avery has been a vocal advocate for her son’s innocence. She has attended court hearings, spoken to the media, and participated in rallies and events aimed at raising awareness about Steven’s case. Dolores’s unwavering support has been crucial in keeping the spotlight on the injustices that many believe have occurred.

Personal Sacrifices

The toll of having a son in prison and being at the center of a highly publicized case has not been easy for Dolores Avery. She has had to endure personal sacrifices, including the strain on her mental and emotional well-being. However, her love for her son and her unwavering belief in his innocence have kept her strong throughout these challenging times.


The current status of Steven Avery’s parents, Allan and Dolores Avery, is that they are both still alive. Despite the hardships they have faced, they continue to support their son and fight for justice. Their unwavering belief in Steven’s innocence has garnered support from around the world, making them key figures in the ongoing discussion surrounding the case. As the legal battles continue, the Avery family remains united in their pursuit of truth and justice.


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Table: Timeline of Key Events

Year Event
1985 Steven Avery wrongfully convicted of sexual assault
2003 Steven Avery released from prison after DNA evidence proves his innocence
2005 Steven Avery accused of the murder of Teresa Halbach
Present Allan and Dolores Avery continue to support their son and advocate for his innocence