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Disclaimer:  Please note that we have obtained special permission to cross several sections of private land. Legally, anyone who wishes to preview the course will need to obtain their own permission. Please also note that several sections of the course involve technical skiing, high altitude, avalanche terrain and serious mountain commitment. Plan accordingly.


A Ski Race and Fundraiser for Leadville Winter Trails Course Description:

Start at Dutch Henri Hill
Lower Boulders
Mineral Belt Trail
Resurrection Land to Ball Mountain Summit Resurrection Land to Alps Pass
Alps Pass Road
Alps Gulch
BLM to East Ball Summit
East Ball Couloir
Sherman Amphitheater to Dyer Mountain Summit Sherman Amphitheater to CR2B
CR2B to CR6A
Mineral Belt Trail
Lower Boulder
Finish at CMC

Ball Mountain (12,300ft) at mile 8
East Ball Mountain (12,947ft) at mile 12 Dyer Mountain (13,855ft) at mile 15

~25 Miles ~6500ft gain/loss

Alex Lee and Dan Sussman on a course recon day on Dyer Mountain.