All of these items are required. There may be changes for 2017 so stay tuned for updates. There may be deletions due to the weather outlook and these will be discussed at the pre-race meeting. Make sure you have ALL of these items for gear check.

**it is notoriously windy on Dyer! ON a day when it is 50 and sunny in the valley, the wind up high can make Hands useless in minutes!**

Individual Gear

Skis: Skis of any type can be used. Minimum length of 150cm.  At least ¾ length metal edges strongly recommended. There will be quite a bit of touring terrain in the FDPR but also difficult downhill sections.  Splitboards are allowed but not recommended.  You will have to be the judge of what you can handle safely !!!

Boots:  Models that are compatible with the ski type that you select.

Bindings:  XC, BC, AT or Tele Bindings that allow for climbing and are compatible with the boot/ski combination you have chosen.

Poles: A pair of alpine, XC or adjustable poles.  Make sure you are capable of dealing with a broken pole. 

Climbing skins: 3/4 to full-length skins, properly fit to the ski.  Be familiar with how to use them! Kicker skins are not acceptable. Kick wax will be allowed as an accessory to but not as a substitute for skins.

Avalanche transceiver:  457mHz only.  Transceiver must be on and in send mode at all times.  It is to be worn on the body.

Avalanche probe:  This must be a dedicated probe at least 230cm in length designated by the manufacturer to be for rescue purposes. Skimo race probes will not be approved.

Avalanche shovel: This must be a metal avalanche shovel with a handle designed for backcountry use by the manufacturer.  Plastic and/or race shovels will not be approved.

Neck & face protection: Balaclava, buff or neck gaiter. 

Warm hat




Waterproof shell jacket

Wind/ water resistant layers: Top and bottom. Soft shell will suffice many days here. Keep in mind the likelihood of heavy winds on Dyer Mountain.

Insulated jacket: Down or synthetic, preferably with a hood

Base layer top: Wool or synthetic

Socks: Non cotton - 1 pair

Gloves or mittens: 2 pair, one light and one heavier for emergencies.

Backpack: The type is up to you as long as you can carry everything.

Headlamp: One per participant

Colorado Search and Rescue Card: One per participant, must be carried with you.

Food and water: Minimum: 2 Liters of water plus food to get you through 8 hrs.  We know food needs vary widely we will just want to see that it has been thought through.

Team Equipment

Course Map: Racers must carry a waterproof map of the course: A map will be provided to each team during check-ins.


Repair Kit:  Minimum-Spare Pole Basket, Multitool (with knife,pliers, screwdriver), 3'duct tape, 2 Voile style straps 15"or longer each. First Aid Kit: Minimum-Alcohol swabs, moleskin and second skin or equivalent for cleaning and padding blisters. Pain reliever, electrolytes emergency bag.

Cellphone - 1 per team

 East Ball

East Ball